Our World

1 Feb 2023

The world around us is a wonder, A beauty that words cannot explain. It holds secrets that we are yet to discover, And stories that will always remain.

Rays of sun break through the clouds, Bringing life to the earth below. Birds chirp a cheerful tune, As they flit to and fro.

Trees sway in the gentle breeze, Their leaves rustling in the wind. Nature's beauty is all around, A serene and peaceful find.

The sound of the stream as it flows, A symphony that never fades. Its melody dances with the wind, As it cascades through the glade.

The scent of flowers on the air, Their beauty a feast for the eye. Their colors a canvas of art, In this world that's always nigh.

And as we wander through this land, With each step, we feel more free. For nature has a magic touch, That sets our spirits wild and free.

From mountains high to oceans wide, It's a world that's vast and grand. A place where the sun and stars reside, In a sky that's forever tanned.

The world around us is a mystery, A puzzle waiting to be solved. It holds secrets that are yet to be, And mysteries that need to be told.

And as we explore this world of ours, With every step, we learn and grow. We see the beauty in every flower, And the magic in every snow.

So let us cherish every moment, And bask in nature's love. For it is a gift to all mankind, Sent from the heavens above.

Let's take care of this precious earth, And protect it for all time. For it's a treasure beyond worth, And a beauty that will always shine.

The End

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