Approaches of interaction

7 Sept 2022

Despite the indefensible places of social intern action in a group life sees interaction is the key element in all social life and without which there would be no social or group life. 
Yet there is no consensus among scholars as to the most of appropriate approaches to the study of social interaction nevertheless how a particular scholar or investigator of social interaction perceives social I will estimate the approaches he adopt the makeup of that approach he interprets the resulting data from its study.
Four main approaches,However descendable I’m the study of social life there are insights, understanding  of the vestehem the neo positivist,the psychological and sociological approaches.
Neo positivist consist of Herbert Spencer,Emile Durkheim,August Comte and it means everything in a society is functional and real.
Interpretative understanding This approach whose chief proponent is max Weber is participant observer social interactive social model in which the researchers gather his observational data or informations by trying among the group being studied spending a great deal of time in their midst establishing report with the group.

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author categorizes four main approaches that have been used in the design process of successful interactive products development. The approaches are: Activity Centred Design, System Design, Genius Design and User-Centred Design (table 1).