Do not talk to EX after breakup

22 Sept 2022

Even after a breakup, many people often do not stop talking or meeting with their ex.

But do you know what are the side effects you may have to face by doing so? Today we are going to tell you about some of these.

1. Compromising on Self Respect:

Going back to ex after a breakup is like putting your self respect at stake. By doing this he may feel that no matter how wrong he has done to you, he will find you again. In such a situation, it is important that you understand the importance of yourself and keep self-respect at the top.

2. It is not possible to remain friends:

Being with a person for a long time, you get used to him and then moving away from him is a little difficult for everyone, but if you are thinking that if you are not a lover then only a friend, then tell that it is impossible. Any kind of contact with X means remembering old things again. If you are around your ex, you will always remember the old things.

3. Inviting the Feeling of Degradation:

Many times after a breakup, people want to start their relationship again. For this, they also try to take the initiative on their own, but this decision can prove to be wrong. Doing so sometimes invites more fights and a feeling of humiliating each other.

4. Don't Show Too Much Love Remedy:

If you think that you can create feelings for your ex by showing more love or obeying everything that he says then it is not so. It is possible that the opposite may happen that he feels that no matter how much mistake he makes, you will forgive him and in such a situation, he can break your trust many times in future also.


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