Teddy bear

20 Sept 2022

I owned a teddy bear when I was 7 
I still remember my dad calling me out and giving me a carton making me promise I won’t open it till I go inside the house, then he sped off 

I went inside and opened the carton and saw a cute white bunny shaped teddy. The biggest I’ve ever seen in a close up view. I was so excited, I screamed and danced and turned the house upside down. 

I took care of the teddy bear like it was my own child, made sure I washed it when I saw a spec of dust on it. I even tied it on my back when doing chores. It was so funny but everyone knew I adored it. Now I’m older I think my dad appreciated it more, the best feeling is when you realize you’re the cause of someone’s joy through thoughtful gifts. 


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