Improving the Delivery of Goods

23 Mar 2023

My fave company right now is -

They have looked at the delivery landscape and thought about how it could be better. With a sense of futuristic thinking and solving an issue for the future not so much right now. They take on-demand delivery to the next level by taking tech and demand of goods rolling them up and offering fast delivery of goods.

Would you be ok accepting deliveries from a drone?
I think I would be fine with it and am open to letting a drone delivery driver take my packages for sale if I cross that border :). I'm interested in seeing how this category of business develops over time. There are many advantages to this and Im still toying with what the disadvantages are.

✈️ Using lightweight drones they see a future where small fleets of drones will deliver food and small packages across a city.

🛩️ Using the nearest possible resource and not an available resource they have given a new way of delivery making shorter trips and quicker responses.

I really found myself deep in this rabbit hole of an evolving Drone Aircraft Library
How are they made, why are the different sizes and what makes them so unique are all questions I asked myself as I was diving down the rabbit hole.

So cool and well worth a look. Drones are coming and they will play a huge role in improving supply chains and on-demand physical goods sales as we get more comfortable with it.

Take a look at Wing.

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1 Comment

Wow I'm in awe of this article. These are quite peculiar means of delivering goods and I think they are effective too. However I don't think some people will be that comfortable with some of these means due to the fear of being scammed.