10 Aug 2022

God almighty demands fruitfulness. In the plan of God for mankind, fruitfulness is not an option, but a necessity. Being fruitful is not something one bargains or deliberates to do or not to do. God enshrines it at the core of everything he created, Mots especially to mankind he created in his own image and likeness. Therefore, being fruitful is to become what God has given you capacity to be. After the downfall of man and the chaotic destruction of the earth , God raised "Noah" and his family as the " New Adam" to restore and repopulate the earth . On the day the lord made a new covenant with Noah, God commanded him again as he did to Adam in the very beginning, saying " be fruitful and multiply". Despite being a command, this was the expression of God's love and care towards us. Fruitfulness brings productivity, productivity brings abundance , abundance yields courage . A child of God who is productive will not be tossed to and from by whims of the enemy, but will stand his ground and take charge. Therefore it's takes a productive believer to stand dominion over the earth and to subdue it. Beloved as you step into this season of fruitfulness, God will make you a light on the lampstand, whose fruitfulness will be so pronounced that people around you will have no alternatives but to recognize the hand of God upon your life.

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