The Watchman

23 May 2023

The Watchman

It's been one week at this job on the outskirts of Simla, and I must say, these children are really stubborn! I keep wondering what these boys and girls are doing together at the back of the school block by midnight, or how they escaped their hostels in the first place. Shey dem no understand say hunger dey?? 

It reminds me of the things Ade said happened in this school. His younger brother was the previous watchman. Ghosts of previous pasts ,stained white shirts floating, kids crying. I have had my own share of their mischief, but since I became a watchman, I have never seen any of them, Power pass power, I'd always tell anyone who wanted to know.

I knew I was the only one here, cause it was always lonely at night, but then I began to see things too.white shirt stained in blood flashed past me at midnight during my rounds on the third day. I dismissed the thought, maybe it was my mind, then I saw it again one day, and I screamed “hey you!” Thinking it was a student, and again, it didn't run, it disappeared. I smiled.

So when Mr. Oliver ran in, and was explaining what he saw, I frowned, regardless of Mr. Oliver's body shivering like a fish that escaped the fisherman's bucket, I had bigger problems.

This was my land, who get mind waka for here?!  I licked Mr. Oliver’s blood and growled in anger.

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