Kidney failure doesn't come suddenly! If there are 4 symptoms of urination.

16 Feb 2023

The kidney is an important organ involved in detoxification. When it suffers from disease, it will cause many negative effects on our body functions.

Therefore, you must pay attention to your own kidney health at ordinary times. Under normal circumstances, you can judge kidney problems by observing urine.

If you find that your urine has the following manifestations after urinating, you must be alert to kidney failure.

First, there is a significant decrease in urine output

When a disease occurs in the kidney, it usually results in a significant decrease in urine output.

For people with normal kidney function, they can excrete their urine smoothly when urinating. Generally, a person's urine output in 24 hours should be about 1500 to 2000ml.

When people have kidney problems, they will be obstructed in the process of urination. As a result, some water is absorbed into the body and cannot be excreted normally. The most intuitive manifestation of this is the decrease in urine volume .If you find that there is a significant drop in urine output, you must pay special attention.

Second, the problem of blood in the urine

When there is a problem with kidney function, the mucous membrane and ureter in the kidney will show varying degrees of bleeding problems, and there will be a trace of blood in the original light yellow urine.

When you feel that you have a problem with blood in your urine, you must focus on whether the kidneys are seriously damaged.

Blood in the urine means acute pyelonephritis or acute uremia . If you don't pay attention to it and treat it symptomatically, it may cause kidney failure .

Third, the odor in the urine is obvious.

If suddenly one day you find the smell of urine very unpleasant, it may also indicate a problem with kidney function.

When the urine has an unpleasant taste, it may mean that urine retention occurs. This problem will gradually darken the color of the urine and exhibit peculiar smells, and even serious malodor problems.

Fourth, there are more bubbles in the urine

If you notice a lot of bubbles in your urine when you urinate, it may mean that you have proteinuria .

Only when the kidney is diseased, the protein cannot be effectively filtered, and then some proteins that cannot be filtered will be excreted from the body , which manifests itself as foam in the urine.

Abnormal conditions in the urine may indicate the appearance of related diseases in the kidneys. In normal life, you can determine whether the kidneys are healthy by observing the urine.

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