War in Ukraine May 18: New developments on the Kharkov front

18 May 2024

The war in Ukraine begins a new day according to local time with a series of newly updated developments.

Mr. Zelensky: Russia only reached the first fortification line in Kharkov

Ukrainska Pravda reported that President Volodymyr Zelensky emphasized that Russia has not overcome the "specific defense line" and it is "nonsense" for someone to say so. According to him, Russian troops have only just reached the front line.

“The first line of defense is not the border, it cannot be built there... They are nearby,” he said. This is the first line, a line built during the war, under constant fire, our army built the first and second lines, and the third line was built by the local government."

"Not because they are better than us, but simply because it is farther than the range of weapons and shelling," the Ukrainian leader said.

Russia made significant progress in the village of Belogorovka

Z-committee channel reported that Russian forces successfully advanced into the village of Belogorovka, collapsing the defense line of the Ukrainian 81st Airborne Assault Brigade and the 3rd Assault Brigade.

The reason is that part of the brigades defending the area, including units of the Rubezh National Guard and the 54th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, were mobilized north.

BelVPO channel updated a summary report on the war situation between Russia and Ukraine on the morning of May 18 (early afternoon Vietnam time): On the Kharkov direction: Russian units begin to penetrate Liptsy. In addition, they are moving towards Neskuchnoye and Vesoloye. Fighting in Volchansk is moving towards the center along the Volchya River. Kiev forces are retreating.

On the Kupyansk - Svatovsky direction: Russian troops continue to approach the railway line north of Kislovka in the direction of Ivanovka. To the west and south of Krakhmalny, Russian units controlled an area up to 5km wide and 1.7km deep and continued to attack in the direction of Berestovoe.

In ChasovYar: Moscow forces are attacking in the eastern suburbs of Kalinovka, on the territory of the Stupki - Golubovskie-2 nature reserve and the Ivanovsky region.

At Pokrovsky: Russian units attacked southwest of Semenovka, Umansky, south of Pervomaisky and achieved tactical successes at Netailovo, where Kiev forces were being pushed to the western outskirts of the village.
On the Kurakhovsky direction: urban battle continues in Krasnogorivka. Moscow forces advanced on the western suburbs of Georgievka, clearing the last houses.
At Vremevsky: Heavy fighting is taking place at Staromayorskoe and Urozhainy. Meanwhile, the situation in Zaporizhia and Kherson has not changed.

Kharkov and Sumy are about to be surrounded, Ukraine urgently responds

According to Octagon newspaper, after the visit of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken to Kiev, the Ukrainian command began to actively prepare for long-term defense in northern Ukraine.

Their mission is to deal with Moscow's attack for as long as possible, and better yet, prevent major Ukrainian military losses before the US presidential election takes place. US military support has been approved by Congress and is considered by both the US and Ukraine to be a strategic reserve for decisive defense.

Octagon sources say the air bridge from the US to Rzeszow, which receives and ships Western weapons via Poland, has grown 300% faster than in the fall of 2023

But Western weapons are not the only key to success. The Ukrainian command also pledged to regroup reserve forces to strengthen the northern front. Many units were pulled from various places to Kharkov to carry out the fastest intention of creating a defense line in the suburbs of Kharkov.

President Zelensky ordered the delivery of large quantities of fuel and lubricants, diesel generators, food and medicine to Kharkov. In some areas of the Dnieper and in Poltava, summer tents for about 120,000 people will be prepared for the mass evacuation of residents including women, children, the elderly and civil servants from Kharkov.

The Ukrainian General Staff decided to withdraw reserve forces from the eastern front (Donetsk and Lugansk) and leave there only the minimum amount of troops necessary for active defense. All other units will be transferred to Kharkov and to the border in the Sumy region.
Over the past few days, at night, Ukraine moved three batteries of IRIS-T anti-aircraft missiles from Dnieper and Nikolaev near Kharkiv. Several dozen ATACMS missiles are being prepared for attacks on Crimea and Belgorod, which is also an active measure that Kiev sees as aimed at stopping the advance of the Russian army.

Another activity worth noting is that within the system of the General Intelligence Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, defense detachments and artillery groups have been established to protect rear areas and supply lines in large numbers. up to 4 thousand soldiers. The NATO command, representatives of the Polish and Estonian General Staff, as well as NATO officers from the headquarters of the ground forces are also actively participating in the formulation and implementation of all these intentions. . Not only Kharkov but also Sumy are preparing for active defense.

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