How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship ? (Part 1)

1 Jul 2022

Sooo hey guys today we will be talking about how to keep our relationship healthy and avoid seperations and irritations from each other. 

Before i start with todays post let me ckear out few things , that it wont be possible to discuss all the points in the same post , sooo there will be one post updated daily. Sooo make sure to read them all. 

Now start with todays post. 

Giving personal space - Whenever we talk about relationships its all about sharing caring and helping each other to go through tough parts of the life together. Usually people want to know each other fully but sometimes when it becomes excessive it leads to holding the partners sooo tightly and questioning them every now and then whats going on in their life, which destroys their personal space and the partner starts feeling like they are getting controlled by you. 

Giving personal space is utmost important for a happy relationship , dont just question your partners every now and then if they love you and if there will be something important to share, they will share it with you surely. Staycalm and enjoy your partners company and let them enjoy the beautiful part of their lives tooo. 

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Yes giving space is so important.
Very true. It’s healthy to maintain balance
Giving personal space is utmost important for a happy relationship This is true