Life In Nepal

31 May 2022

Nepal is beautiful multicultural, multilingual, multiregious country located in South Asia. The country is geographically divided into mountains , Himalayan and terai regions. Although there are many natural resources in Nepal the country still is behind in advancement of technology due to difficult land and political stability. The lifestyle of most Nepalese is below average.
The education , Heath and other major service are only in most important cities and places only.

People in Nepal commonly welcome you as Namaste as a traditional salute which is wisely used in the most part of the country. Mostly each ethnic group has their own unique costumes, speaks their own languages & follow their own religious practices. They live under different diverse geographic and environmental orientations, from the low plains near the Indian border, northward through the middle hills of Mahabharat range and valleys, and up to the high plain valleys of the Himalayan zone.

However, the globalization motives and innovations effect to the Nepalese society which made many changes day by day in addition of several infrastructural developments new roads building, modern public education, democracy since 1990 & Federal Democratic Republic since in on 23 May 2008, and even rapid innovation of information technology, Internet access are making massive changes among new generation. Especially young folks speak Nepali and fluent English language, dresses western style.

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