The Safety Of Your Funds

11 Jul 2022

It was in November 2021, it was the biggest financial loss I have ever experienced and I always pray it should remain the biggest because I don’t want to experience a loss greater than that in the future.
It was the Pump season for Solana projects, so basically all the major projects on Solana I was holding did so well that period and I was in a lot of profits.Something sad happened. 
On a Sunday afternoon, I was away from home and I needed so money to do something and I didn’t have much on me the only option was to get it from my crypto wallet. The device I use for accessing my wallet was at home so I had to access my wallet with my phone. Unfortunately I logged in my key phrase into a cloned website without figuring out. I don’t know how it happened but it happened.
I lost all my funds in my wallet. I was so devastated when I later opened my wallet and didn’t see any money. It was like my world was going to end. 
I had college exams the next day and two more papers that same week..  I couldn’t do anything for myself..
It was a very terrible experience and I learnt so much from it. The security of your funds should be paramount at all times because it is very important.

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