James was sacred cow

12 Jan 2023

A young, beautiful, child; we once celebrated!
burnt candles and incense on his birthday!
like the children of kings, we poured wines,
on the tommy of her loving; hopeful mother!
but today, we all stand with covered faces!

with sunken face, we watch our once icon,
tumble the streets with guns and matchetes,
marching down streets;stealing and killing,
burning the heart of his dearly hopeful mother,
like the cursed oedipus, he killed his father.

with our mouths, we asked why,a hundred times.
we went to the altar; offered incense once again!
not the incense of praise ,but of an enquiry.
why has a man turned into an animal we asked?
why has our eyes seen the worse days of our lives?

but James was a sacred cow; family’s apple.
right always in the eyes of his parents, the god!
teachers insulted and sent to prison many times
for daring to correct the heart throb of the family
but today she covered the grave of a decaying son!

today James is buried killed by the police
shot and dragged through the mud an animal!
butchered by the matchetes of brutal officers.
no teacher was insulted today, no child’s right!
today James burns in hell a son of Lucifer.

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