14 Feb 2023

So things happen and one decides that is best to take certain steps in order to go forward. Everything is possible this is what we all have to understand.


You came like an angel in disguise

But the truth is

You were the devil in my eyes

All the love you showed

Damn! It was a little white lie

I forgot to tell you

Take the other path

Now my heart is shattered

In tiny little pieces

Don't forget, you're still the reason

Now I wondered why you really left

Not until I saw you never even felt

It might seem hopeless

At a time I hoped to be hopeful

But what can I say

Life's an irony.

with the cases of love

that I thought were actually true

but alas it’s My pains that were the aim

and it ceases my cause of existence

with each passing breath showing My simple mistakes.

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