Tales Of The Night 2

12 Sept 2022

"I know that. You know that. So why did you do what you did?" You muttered by my ear, your breathe heavy as a typhoon wind, pressing down the hair on my skin.

      I could feel your internal struggle, a battle of what you wanted to do and what you were suppose to do was being fought within you, like a gorilla wrestling a tiger. I knew now I made a mistake, and at that very moment, I couldn't remember why I did what I did. I couldn't remember why I dropped my key chain, I couldn't remember why I delayed when picking it up. All I felt was regret, at this point I just wanted it to be over, I would turn back time if I could but I can't, so I just wanted this to end.
"Dad... Please, stop." I spoke with my breathe shuddering like a kangaroo in Antarctica.

      I felt your hand on my waist shaking just as much as my voice. I felt it slowly journey a few inches south, I felt my blood freeze in the time within those few inches and unfreeze as I felt your hand let go and you pulled away with the speed of a 220 swift. I looked at you and saw the regret in your eyes through their shut faced down lid. This will not happen again, I promised myself.
       You stormed to the door and as you pulled it open, it took the force of a hand break for you not to collide into her... There she was, Mom, your wife, come seeking her husband whom she was missing in bed. 

"Where'd you run off to?" She spoke innocently seductive, not seeing me standing in my room on that exact spot you left me.

"I... Um... I just um... I uh... I came to uh..." You spoke like an alien who couldn't conjure up as much as a thought let alone a sentence.

      I could feel mom's eroticism drop and her guard up as she asked her question again but this time, with much more bravado and with more constructive words. All I could say at that moment was... "Fudge!"

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