How to Remove Static Electricity

11 Dec 2022

Use a humidifier: When the air is dry, static electricity becomes more active, especially during the winter months when people heat their homes, further lowering humidity in the air. Use a humidifier to increase the humidity in your home and office. The moisture in the air can help prevent static electricity from accumulating.
Having plants about the house or office can also assist to enhance humidity.
By simply heating water on the stove, you may make your own humidifier. You may add spices such as cinnamon or citrus rinds to give out a pleasant smell while humidifying your home.

Treat your carpets with an anti-static chemical: Spray treatments for rugs and carpets are available from most carpet merchants and carpet firms online. Some carpets are also particularly designed with an anti-static component. Spray your carpet lightly with anti-static spray and allow it to dry completely before stepping on it. This will significantly reduce the amount of static electricity you feel after walking on the carpet.
To prepare a static-reducing spray at home, combine 1 capful of antistatic fabric softener in a spray bottle of water, shake the mixture, and softly spray over the carpet.



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