21 Dec 2022

Take a deep breath and relax your mind.
Let your hair hang loose and flow with the wind.

Allow your eyes to stray and take in all the beauty.
Scream if you're still thinking about those harmful ideas.

Scream till the pain stops and the fear leaves you.
Let the night go, and open your eyes to a new day.

Stop comparing your imperfections to the perfections of others.
Get the cynicism off the shelf.
Keep your direction in mind.

Pick up your despair and throw it into the wind.
Shut the door on your self-loathing.
Never allow it to return.

You will no longer consent because of the lies it used to frequently tell you.
What you should cling to is joy and love.
You ought to provide the key to them.

Never pay attention to negative ideas; instead, pay attention to people who admire everything about you.
You used to be taught to overthink, but now you put those thoughts in a jar.

Keep your eyes on your objectives and never give up.
Open some fresh scrolls now.
Everything will work out just fine.

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