Mother's love part 2

2 Nov 2022

 I was the only one who went to the wedding, as Viraj was away on tour. Appa and mother-in-law had gone on a pilgrimage then, so there was no question for them. Enayat's parents immediately left for the boy in Muscat and severed their relationship with Enayat. Because of that Who will come to take care of Neeraj's son in that terrible situation? And I will leave that little baby to someone's trust? Though he live to strengthen the rope of his poor life! That day, Neeraj and Eena had gone to Lonavala for their company's commercial shoot. Ishaan was at home with his nanny. So after finishing work in the evening both of them hurriedly left to come to Mumbai. So his car was in speed. The brakes of the tanker coming in front of it failed and it came straight and hit the car itself. The car was completely destroyed. Both Neeraj and Eena went to the spot.
 The latter two barely escaped being thrown out by fate. And Ishaan survived because he was at home. When I brought him home, our family sympathized with him. Because the event itself was so terrible. Moreover, their understanding was that after a few days I would send Ishaan to his grandparents. But after seeing that he was staying with us even after three or four months, he did not let his mother-in-law stay. He simply asked me, "What c Did Jaya, Ishaan's grandfather, uncle inform anyone? Otherwise, once this house is attacked, it will be very difficult!" "But how can I tell? I don't know their address and I don't have their number." "Did you get it in Neeraj's house?" "I searched as much as I could find, but I couldn't find anything. Ena probably doesn't even have an address for them!" "But then who will take care of Ishaan?" "I am no! He is not so distantly related to me that it is time to put him in an orphanage immediately." "Uh, I didn't mean to say that either, but your job? Since Isha has grown up, none of us have the habit of taking care of a small child anymore. Earlier in our time there was always one child after another in the house. So it was a habit." "For now, I am extending the leave until Ishaan gets used to his home. After that, I will keep a woman at home, that's it." "I think you'd rather fly It will be good if you get used to the nursery. If you keep a woman in the house, we have to keep an eye on her. And it's already clear that I'm not going to make it!” “Ah, but it was your insistence that Isha wanted a brother? Then you have to keep an eye on him, right?" "Don't get caught up in the words. Do I need to tell you that that story is different and this story is different?" "But I don't think it's different at all. Our home needed a child and this baby needs a home. It is only a question of our belief." But the mother-in-law did not wait to hear my answer. He went to the temple and started the worship. Along with that, Venkatesha Stotra was also loudly saying, 'Annayahi Dahi Disha Amha Firvisi Jagadisha Kripaluwa Parampurusha Karuna Kaisi Tuj Na Ye', I thought I should go there and say to them, 'How come you don't feel compassion for Ishaan? If he is not given a place in our house, then it is time to move in the right direction for food Why won't he come? Should such a time befall a child born in such a good family?' But what will be the use of me saying this? Is his attitude towards Ishaan going to change a bit? Ishaan's only fault was that he was my brother's son and again his mother was Muslim! It is clear to me that such a boy cannot be his grandson. So what's the use of saying the same thing over and over again? I remembered when Ishaan was born, Eena had said, "Jaya, if we had a son, we had already decided that I would name him Ishaan." "Why c? As Isha's brother? Or because your name has 'E' in Ishaan and Neeraj's name has 'N'? No, it is the fashion to name children like that these days!" "Tell me the truth? I was determined to name your Lekki as a token of my respect for you. 
Everyone was strongly opposed to our marriage. You stood by me at that time. It is because of your support that Neeraj and I could see these days." Oh, don't put me on the banyan tree. Oh well, who else is Neeraj? Don't take my mother's anger on your heart. She will come running when she finds out that she has a grandson! It's good that Isha also got a brother, now Baisaheb will be very happy to have a brother." I said that mother will come to meet Eana to satisfy her. Because both Neeraj and Eena wanted their mother to come to them. At the time of happiness, we feel the lack of our people, in the last five-seven years, Neeraj had earned a lot of name in advertising. He had opened his own ad agency. The main thing is that Enayat supported him well. Much of the responsibility of the agency rested on her. Both of them had prepared well. Acespace for office, plus own studio, large flat for living. Two cars at the door. Literally, Neeraj had created such a world from nothing. That too in such a short time. Anyone who sees it will appreciate it. Shalya Neeraj felt that only his mother had not seen his glory. The main thing is that she will definitely come to see Ishaan It was sure. I also told her kindly. I used to praise Ena's beauty and her nature in front of her so much that she would want to go to them. Once Neeraj himself went to fetch her, but she did not go. Both the uncle's daughters are in America so when they both went to live with their Lekkis, mother did not go with them. She stayed alone in her own house. So Neeraj was very worried about his mother. While taking care of his mother, suddenly Neeraj passed away. The feeling of guilt that he had acted against his mother's will did not allow him to relax even in Neeraj's glory.

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