Steps to Creating Catchy Subject Lines

21 Apr 2022

Are you a creative writer? Do you want to express your creativity on your blog but have no idea where to start? Today, I will show you some creative ways of writing a title for your blog post.
Writing creative subject lines will encourage the readers to click on them and read more. A creative subject line can also help in higher CTR (Click-through rate) from email campaigns, organic search results, which also helps in improving SEO rankings.

What is a creative subject line?

A creative title has catchy words and phrases that make the reader curious about what they will find next. It’s a mixture of vocabulary tricks and the art of seduction that creates curiosity among the readers, asking them -”What exactly is this article all about?”

Be creative and write subject lines that offer your readers an exciting treat. The creative thought of the writer is what matters most in creative writing.

Tips for creative subject-lines:

1. Use uncertain words such as “could,” “might,” etc… This will make the reader ask themselves -”Could this article answer my question?” Or, “Might I find what I am looking for here?”.

2. Use numbers or statistics to back up your claims and prove the concept (i.e., 7 Ways To Lose 2 Pounds A Week).
3. List points of benefits like 10 Things You Need To Know About Kitchen Remodeling or 5 Reasons Why Lawn Care is Important to Your Business.

4. Use creative punctuation like hyphens, colons, brackets, etc… to emphasize your words and make them more creative.
5. Quotations are also creative ways of writing subject lines that can be used in creative titles or even headlines for blogging purposes.
For example (Mark Twain), “The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who cannot read them.”

How to write engaging subject lines?

A creative title can create curiosity among the readers, but if you want people to click on your link, the title should engage them. The objective is to have a creative subject line that leads the user to click through and read more, followed up with engaging content that will keep the readers hooked to your blog.

That creative subject line may or may not be creative by itself, but the article’s content should be creative/engaging enough for people to read. People are busy; they don’t have time to click on every subject line out there. There has to be something creative in them that leads people to want to read more.

Here are some tips for writing creative subject lines:

1. Use creative punctuation like hyphens, colons, brackets, etc… to emphasize your words and make them engaging at the same time. For example: How I turned $17 into 5262 in just 30 days

2. Use creative words or phrases that induce interest in the subject line like: — Best of luck, — I’m not crazy, but… — What if I told you…? — Imagine how much time and money you can save…
3. Put creative titles as subtitles and make them creative as well. For example: How to Write Creative Subject Lines (with Examples) 4. Add creative numbers to your creative subject lines like “10 things” or “6 reasons”. This will help readers understand why they should click on your link right away! 5. Be creative with statistics; for example, use statistical data from a study done by an institute to back up your creative claims of the subject line.
6. Be creative with words/phrases that you use in clever headlines or creative subtitles like “7 Ways to Do X” or “X Tips for Success.”
Creative headlines are perfect for click-through rates for email campaigns, SEO rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Social media shares and when they come in front of people in real life (For example, when you search something on Google at the end, there are three suggested searches).
If you are struggling with writing creative headlines, then don’t worry! There’s an app for that! Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer is a free tool offered by Advanced Market Leads. It can analyze any creative headline and tell you if it is clever enough to click on.

How do you test creative subject lines?

A/B testing is one of the best ways to test your creative subject lines. It allows you to go out in the market, gather data from readers (clicks), results (opens) then figure out what creative headlines are better than others by comparing them side by side. Every great writer needs an editor! Sometimes creative ideas don’t always come up when you need them at first given shot, so it is better to save all your creative titles/headlines for future use. You never know which ones will work or bring success, so it’s a good idea to keep them all and at the same time try them out as well.

The biggest takeaway is to have fun, think outside the box, and test your subject lines for the best success. What are some ways you have seen success with subject lines? feel free to comment below.

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