Who she couldn't be

11 Dec 2022

She inhaled deeply.
She mentally pictured who they wanted her to be as she counted to three.

They wished for her to be typical, joyful, and kind.
They never anticipated this girl being blind.

Not in terms of meaning, but in terms of the heart.
Blinded by the gloom, by the darkness.

With a beating heart but no life, she wanders around lifeless.
She is a walking corpse, lost inside herself.

Things no longer have any significance.
She had changed from the way she had been in the past.

She is a living person, but also a deceased one.
She is missing a piece of herself and barely hangs on.

She gave a final bow while lowering her head.
She took a step down the edge while making one last vow.

"I won't alter who I am.
No matter how hard any of you tries, this is me giving up; this is a final farewell."


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