3 Cryptos with a Potential for Long-Term Gains

16 Jul 2022

According to industry analysts, the bitcoin sector will be worth $250 trillion by 2030.  Consequently, alternative cryptocurrencies are highly likely to grab a sizable market share. 

Even though there are over 20,000 different cryptocurrencies, picking the best one to invest in may be tough.

After this year's huge market losses, cryptocurrency fans and optimists were given a rude awakening to the harsh reality of the situation. 

Many of the most well-known cryptocurrencies' values have plummeted to levels not seen in many years.

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Cryptos with a Potential for Long-Term Gains No. 1: Dash DASH

MarketCap: $462,865,290
Position on CMC: #75
Current Price: $42.78
Because of the increased anonymity they provide users, blockchain networks are becoming increasingly popular for financial transactions.

Privacy-focused alternative currencies like Dash DASH significantly benefit cryptocurrency investors and users.

DASH is a peer-to-peer digital currency with a simple interface that enables speedy and low-cost transactions. 

It was first introduced in 2014 under the name XCoin. However, it was rebranded as Darkcoin in the following years. 

Dash's master node structure is one of the ways it differentiates itself from other cryptocurrencies. 

Thanks to master nodes, a kind of server, users may access a wide range of additional network functions.

Transactions may be performed in a couple of seconds owing to an InstantSend component. CoinJoin also allows you to disguise the transaction sequence.

Following that, master node operators get block rewards obtained from Dash mining.

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Cryptos with a Potential for Long-Term Gains No. 2: HI (HI)

MarketCap: $33,944,073
Position on CMC: #450
Current Price: $0.067
Mobile banking must find a way to support cryptocurrencies as their use continues to surge in popularity. 

Cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more. 

The use of cryptocurrency has the potential to close this gap and open up mobile banking to a larger audience.

HI HI is a Next-Generation Mobile Banking platform that allows users to save money, make investments, and make payments using cryptocurrencies. 

hi is your entry point into Web3; it incorporates the riches, social networking, entertainment, and commerce possibilities of both the physical world and the Metaverse.

hi wants to make blockchain technology more accessible to the general public so that a community of billions of people may exercise more control over their financial situation while maintaining seamless interoperability between the physical and digital worlds.

You will unquestionably have access to the most cutting-edge cryptographic mobile banking innovation if you are a part of the sizable community that hi has built.

At the time of writing, the current HI price is USD 0.067611, and the 24-hour trading volume is USD 1,597,151. 

Our HI to USD conversion pricing is kept up to current in real-time. Over the last day and a half, HI has seen a loss of 0.10 percent.

The current position on CoinMarketCap is #450, and the live market cap is USD 34,055,768. 

It now has a supply of 503,699,436 HI coins and a maximum store of 13,192,916,300 HI coins.

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Cryptos with a Potential for Long-Term Gains No. 2: Avalanche AVAX

MarketCap: $5,430,464,184
Position on CMC: #16
Current Price: $19.13
No other blockchain networks are as fast and scalable as Avalanche AVAX. 

It is distinguished from other similar systems by the presence of a core network and three supporting chains. 

While the primary network is in charge of chain security, the network's auxiliary chains serve a variety of additional functions. 

The three supporting chains are in charge of contract execution, asset exchange, and collaborating with validators. 

As a result, it has almost limitless transaction capacity, and most transactions are processed in seconds.

The ability of Avalanche to connect to Ethereum is only one of its many benefits. 

There are no concerns with users transferring assets across the two networks. Because of its many applications, Ethereum is often referred to as one of the most prominent blockchain networks. 

Avalanche's strong relationship with Ethereum will continue to pay dividends in the long term, which is a significant advantage.

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To Sum it Up

According to certain industry experts, the cryptocurrency market is also being compared to the stock market, which restricts the likelihood of exponential growth.

They will stay in place due to the advances in the bitcoin industry over the previous several years. 

Smart investors will therefore take advantage of the present slowness to choose the finest cryptocurrencies, providing some of the industry's most exciting use-cases. 

By doing so, they will be able to make the most of this period.

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Financial Disclaimer

It is important to emphasize that absolutely nothing in this post should be interpreted in any way that it provides investing or financial advice. 

The views shared in this article are solely those of the author, and as such, they should not be used as recommendations for financial transactions or investments.

This information is supplied "as is" without accuracy, reliability, or comprehensiveness assurances.

The bitcoin price has recently been subject to erratic swings due to its very volatile character. 

Everyone considering investing in a cryptocurrency should research and know their region's relevant regulations before deciding whether to invest their money into a cryptocurrency. 

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Glad to have you back with the crypto updates! Avalanche is an interesting contender since it is a good balance between speed and decentralisation. My only critic is the size and “goodness” of the ecosystem, especially when developers are one of the main driving force of adoption.
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