What are Testnets?

31 May 2022

If you have been in the crypto space for a while now, you would probably hear projects make mention of testnets. 

You might actually wonder, what really are testnets, I am here to explain that to you.

TESTNET is a process of testing a decentralised application with unreal coins to check for bugs and accept feedback from users about their experience with the decentralised application.

Testnet blockchains are different from the mainnet, which also implies that coins in testnet are unreal and got no monetary value.

In the crypto space, many projects begin with the testnet phase, which could be beta 1, beta 2 etc before the final launch of the dapp on the mainnet.

And in most cases, people are being rewarded for their early contribution or specifically for testing the app before it goes on to the mainnet.

It must be noted that testnet coins are free and should not be paid for, faucets are available for getting testnet tokens

Well, you could be rewarded for being part of a project's testnet user, nut that isn't a certainty, but then, it is necessary to note that testnet plays a major role in the crypto space 

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