Twin trouble

15 Sept 2022

My immediate younger siblings happens to be twins, Dee and Udee. I remember when they were born so clearly like it was yesterday. I was in Primary one then and my class teacher was a family friend. He walked into the classroom and called me out. When he broke the news of their birth to me. I didn't know how to react trust me. I was very young and didn't know what it was like to have people I called siblings and they were two of them so that meant two more strangers in my home. After school, he took me to the hospital were I met my Mom, Dad and their bundle of joy.
You need to see them now, same old habits of fighting like cat and dog over the years. They're now 17 years of age and I feel so old now.

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I'll be record of six sets of twins in my family. That is both paternally and maternally. There's a very high chance that I too will have them 😂
Time passes by really fast . And we age with it.