Symphony's Heard Though the Passage of Time

5 Feb 2023

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Symphony's Heard Though the Passage of Time

The birds take flight, with their melodies in tow,

Sing their songs, for all the world to know.

Nature is alive, with a rhythm and rhyme,

A symphony played, through the passage of time.

I walk on, with a sense of peace and rest,

With the world around me, at its very best.

The flowers bloom, in colors so bright,

Their beauty a sight, to fill the heart with light.

And as I walk, I am filled with a sense of awe,

For the world around me, is more beautiful than I saw.

It is a gift, to be cherished and loved,

A treasure trove, to be discovered anew.

So, stop and listen, to the song that nature doth sing,

Embrace its beauty, and let its joy take wing.

For it is a reminder, of the wonders that we hold,

The magic of life, that never grows old.

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