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26 Jan 2023

howbeit this depend on how many projects you are able to approach daily… let’s say each day you dm at least 10 to 20 projects there is a higher chance of 1 out of 20 to come to a deal with you. Twitter: CT is where one can easily see new and existing web 3 projects. 2/....
This is because social media serve as a medium through which these projects can actually showcase their product to people including potential investors without this their ideas cannot be noticed by anyone except them. . First understand that web 3 projects are built.. 3/.
on block chains, this is where the hash tags and dollar signs becomes useful (# $) based on twitter algorithm projects uses hash tags of the block chain there are built or hash tag of the message there are trying to communicate on their post.. 4/...
For instance: #NFT #blockchain #crypto #defi #ethereum #ethereumnfts $eth #Eth #solana #sol $sol #solnfts #Solana #APTOS #Starknet #cosmo #arbitrumnfts (note these hastags are only for twitter) you did be able to see any post with this hashtags both new and existing projects depending on your search 5/..
DISCORD: this is also a great tool. On a server one can get to see new and existing projects from the collab, shill, giveaway channels COINMARKET CAP AND COIN GECKO: you get to see newly launch projects including failed projects looking for ideas to help them rebuild 6

Can also use nft tools like
(note you can search them on twitter)
nft etc… you get to see upcoming nft projects some legit some scams so you need be careful. HOW TO APPROACH PROJECT From my research I noticed a handful of project owners do prefer in-employment than out-employment.. 7/...
Meaning they go for people who understands and are already active in their community contributing in one way or the other for the project growth rather than just randomly recruiting a total stranger. So your approach matters: basically there are two major approaches 8/...
Direct approach: After seeing a project you immediately send a proposal asking for a role placement. before sending your proposal go through their website or document to have an understanding of the project, This can help you make valuable suggestions to the dev if ... 9/..
necessary which can give you an edge over others. Project owners needs people that have something to offer upstairs not just being a moderator or an ambassador (2)Active Engagements: rather than sending proposal immediately, you can join the community and stay active.. 10/..
try to get noticed before proceeding to ask for a job role. Most times the dev do send a message asking you to join the team that’s if he is present enough to notice As projects are many so is job seekers many but your ability to be creative is what makes you standout 11/...
TIPS TO NOTE . be sure to message the project owner,otherwise you may not get results because the team member may want to protect his job or may not have the guts to pass the information to the project owner. 12/..
when chatting with a dev be careful with your choice of words, do not be In a rush to reply A dev would want to know if you did have time for his project and will ask.. Dev: how many project are you currently working with? You: I'm working with project ABC 13/...
From your response he will note that you wouldn’t have enough time for his project If I where you I did tell him: I’m working for project A but my deal with them is over which is why am applying for a new job. This sounds better. 14/...
DEV: How much do you charge OR what’s your fee?
Here you don’t want to make it look like you are being over demanding or too expensive but at the same time making him understand you can work with his budget if convenient for you.
Let’s say the role is worth 500$ You: for this role I do charge 700$ however am willing to work with the team’s budget This way you have successfully inform him your worth moving forward he did be careful with the amount he tells you. 16/...
NOTE Do not be in a hurry to just drop proposals, for Christ sake this people are humans and they need people to talk to some times First engage him/her on a smart conversation to get his attention first before proceeding if not you may have piles of unresponded proposals 17/..
Don’t be skeptical to approach an existing project maybe there is a staff that is under performing the dev can get him replaced. Just shoot your shot someone may get sacked 18/..
HOW DO YOU KEEP THIS JOB It’s not all about getting a job but the ability to maintain it is very important. Don’t relax after getting a job and feel after all you have been employed that’s all Guy you will get sacked. Just keep up with what brought you and do your best. 19/..
If you are an ambassador bring suggestions of ways to promote and grow the project. This applies to other roles. Some Dev are investors in other projects you may receive a dm asking you to join build his project because he has seen how active you are... 20/...
JOB ROLES MODERATOR: actively engage community members, prevent spam etc SHILLER: shill the project on different platforms MARKETER: markets the projects on various platforms CONTENT CREATOR: good and appealing write-ups or content for projects Graphic designer,dev,chatter 21/

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