How are you, My friend?

1 Jun 2023

What will you write today?
Yes, you. Be honest with me, how do you feel?
How has your day been? were you able to achieve your goals?
I will tell you about mine
I lost someone today, actually i did lose her a couple of months ago, and it was my fault. I broke up with her, and i thought it was the same thing as "taking a break" and I really thought it was the same thing (in reality, it is). She was going through a lot, and was taking things out on me, and i decided to give her some space, maybe she needed to do things personally, because she never talked to me, not one day.
I didn't stop thinking about her, not for once
After a while, I was able to get back in her space, and remind her how much i love her, but the vibe is not just the same.
Now I do miss her, i really do.
How do i forget about her?

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Haven't achieved much today but I have done some tasks that will make me reach my goal soon.
You forget her by continuing on and living life. One step at a time.
south coast surfer
Had a great day - achieved most things expected. Got to love a Sunday