Stop The Effect of Aging :Walnuts

24 Sept 2022

According to a new study, people who regularly consume walnuts have a lower risk of fatal diseases, they can live a longer life.

Walnut consumption is considered beneficial in diseases like diabetes and weakness, while it is also advised to consume walnuts for good heart health. Eating walnuts reduces obesity and also reduces the risk of obesity-related problems such as stroke, thyroid, belly fat and heart attacks. That is why, walnuts are also called a superfood. But, very few people are aware that eating walnuts can make the skin look youthful for a long time and you. Yes, according to a new study, people who regularly consume walnuts have a lower risk of fatal diseases, they can live a long life.

Can eating walnuts make you live longer?

The study was published in the journal Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases. According to researchers, chemicals are found in walnuts that protect DNA from reactive molecules. These molecules are called oxidants which are believed to be responsible for oxidative stress. It was observed during the study that,

By consuming walnuts, people were thin, healthy and fit despite aging.
At the same time, people who start eating walnuts after adulthood have a lower risk of chronic diseases and serious health problems.
By eating walnuts, the average weight gain in people is also reduced, obesity is reduced and fasting blood sugar level is also reduced.
Walnut is also beneficial for the skin
Apart from all this, eating walnuts makes the skin healthy from inside and its elasticity also increases. Due to this the effect of skin stretch is less visible and wrinkles and fine lines are less visible.

To consume walnuts, you can consume it as a mid-morning snack and evening snack. Apart from this, walnuts can be added to dishes like parathas, kheer and pulao. Similarly, soak walnuts in water overnight and eat them the next day in the morning.

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Walnuts are definitely good for our health
Thanks for sharing such an informative article. Nuts in general are very healthy for you. Personally I'm a huge fan of brazil nuts due to their high selenium content. Selenium also helps with a number of cognitive functions, immune health and is a powerful antioxidant.
Rajat Dhariwal
A research was done regarding the medicinal properties of walnuts. According to this research, omega-3 fatty acids are found in abundance in walnuts, which have beneficial effects on brain function. Also, polyunsaturated fat helps in increasing memory power and reduces depression.
Walnuts contain vitamin-E and omega-3 fatty acids that make the skin soft and also work to improve the complexion. Apart from this, the antioxidants present in walnuts work to slow down the process of aging by eliminating the effect of free radicals.