11 Sept 2022

WHAT IS UPWORK?  is a freelancing website where you may find and apply for variety of freelance jobs. There are so many kinds of jobs you can find at Upwork which include Copywriting, graphic design, Web and product design, programming, translating, business planning and numerous others. Your can stay from any part of the world and earn income. 
Inorder to monetize on Upwork, you will need a skill. If you are good at what you do, then you will succeed. You can decide to take it up as a full time or part time job, whichever favor's you. Upwork is a really cool method to earn money online using your skills from the convenience of your home; all you need is a functional internet connection, alongside with necessary abilities such as being fluent in English and other language inorder to easily communicate with people. 

How to earn money with Upwork
Inorder to earn money on Upwork follow the steps below:
1. Sign up:
Firstly you need to step to create an account and set up your profile. It's important to define your title which is a virtual key to improving your chances of getting jobs that suites your skills. Choose your skills, describe them details, mention what makes you successful at them and including link to your previous work so that potential clients could see them, which will go a long way in you a getting job. In summary just make portfolio to be eye catching. Click here to sign up 

2. Search for jobs:
Once you've created a rich, appealing, and thorough profile. Find jobs that match your skills as your next action. Your job feed should be visible on the front page. Thus is why is important to set up your profile and choose skills that suites you. Your front page will display jobs matching your skill set. You can ado use the search button to search and set filter yo help you get an ideal jobs that suits your skills. 

3. Apply for the job:
Once you found a job that suits your skills, the next thing you need to do is tyo apply for it. To get the job, you must convince the client that you are the best candidate out of all of the applicants inorder to get the job. A good cover letter will go a long way to convincing the client. All you need is to give them a good reason to choose you for the position. 
4. Build your reputation.
The reviews you receive from clients on will primarily boost your chances of landing tasks. This will gain you your clients' interest and trust. Do well to pay attention to your client, perform well, always communicate and meet deadlines. In summary, the key is be responsive, be friendly and meet deadline.

5. Increase profile traffic
Making your clients happy will ensure that they refer you to new potential clients, but only if all the aforementioned procedures have been taken. Make all of your customers devoted to you.  Do exactly what they ask of you, Talk to them and become familiar with how they communicate their desires. Build on your strengths and hone your excellence. Establish a schedule; it will aid you in submitting the deliverables on time. Clients appreciate it when work is delivered when requested. Help them reach their deadlines as well since some of them have them. 

6. Additional
Another option is to establish an agency. You can assemble a team of individuals with various talents. Make offers for jobs depending on their skill set. Once you have jobs, give them and watch to see that they do a decent job. You get compensated for submitting jobs to clients. You can then pay them or put them on salary from there. 

7. Receiving payment on Upwork
On Upwork, getting paid is simple and cost-effective. Once a client has hired you to complete a task, Upwork will make sure that the client has put the entire amount owed to you into their escrow before you start the task. Once the task or milestone has been finished, you seek payment, and if the client approves that you have performed the task, you get paid. 
With this few steps, your good to make money through and establish your brand.

Key things to note as a newbie:
1. Go for low hanging job as a starter
2. Get a good cover letter
3.Get your Upwork account verified
4. Setup your account professional.
5. Do further research too, this article may not be enough to get started but it will guide you. 


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Upwork is a great platform to showcase your work and earn money for the same
Great article on monetizing on Upwork! I've been freelancing on the platform for a while now and it's always helpful to get new tips and strategies. I particularly liked the suggestion to diversify the types of services offered and to actively seek out repeat clients. These are both strategies that I will definitely be implementing in my own freelancing business