Linea: Revolutionizing Web3 with MetaMask Integration and More

9 Feb 2024

Linea: Revolutionizing Web3 with MetaMask Integration and More

Gm Bulbapplar!
It is an exciting time for us at Linea and we are thrilled to share some important updates with you!
As an integral player in the unfolding story of decentralized applications (dapps), Linea spent the past year working diligently to transform the promise of web3 technology into reality.
In 2023, Linea launched successfully on Mainnet on July 11th, ranking as the top zkEVM network in total value locked, transactions per second, volume of transactions, and number of dapps. Our platform has since expanded to include 299 dapps and a user base of 3.7M.
We have saved users over $382M in gas fees and processed over 1.5M account abstraction transactions. We've hosted two engaging Linea Voyages around gaming and decentralized finance, both breaking records of web3 quest engagement.
But, what lies ahead? 
It's with immense excitement that we outline our missionWe aim to establish Linea as the ultimate zkEVM ecosystem to empower dapps and make web3 safe and accessible for all.
How do we plan to achieve this? By focusing on:

  1. MetaMask Integration: Expanding our connectivity with MetaMask to give dapps increased exposure to a wider audience of web3 users.
  2. Ecosystem Engagement: Continually hosting interactive and engaging Linea Voyages to foster community growth and help users discover new web3 opportunities.
  3. Extensive Partner Support: Delivering comprehensive support to our partners, offering everything they may need from onboarding to troubleshooting.
  4. Public Goods Funding: Supporting the development of public infrastructure within the web3 ecosystem.
  5. Technical Excellence: Providing innovative technologies to ensure rapid transactions, lower gas fees, and enable seamless dapp building.
  6. User Experience: Ensuring a superlative user experience with easy bridging, fast transactions, low fees, and robust security.

With a commitment to security, we're working with over 20 partners to ensure the highest safety standards for our users. Additionally, we remain dedicated to Ethereum's core values and are making strides towards complete network decentralization.
We're also thrilled to announce the launch of the Linea Ecosystem Investment Alliance, an initiative designed to support startups, offering them access to dedicated capital, technical coaching, networking opportunities, and many other benefits.

We are extremely grateful for the continued support we receive from each one of our users and partners – you all collectively make Linea what it is today. We value your thoughts and would love to hear from you. Reach out to us anytime.
Explore Linea's Mission
Lastly, stay tuned for the announcement of our new Voyage, coming soon!
Here's to a promising and thrilling journey ahead in 2024! 
As always, bon voyage!

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Explore Linea's plans to revolutionize web3. We aim to empower the evolution of decentralized applications and make web3 accessible to all. 

Linea has partnered with Lido, in an alliance that promises to elevate the DeFi ecosystem. As part of the integration, wstETH on Linea will be made native on Lido.

The Road to Dencun is a series of Voyage Waypoints from January to March — IRL meetups in 21 cities around the world hosted by local community leads.

Linea has partnered with Tenderly to bring innovative tools to developers. Linea is the first zero-knowledge solution supported by Tenderly.

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