Splinterlands | Only Ranged Attackers | Want to See a One-Sided Battle?

7 May 2024

Splinterlands | Only Ranged Attackers

The ranged-attackers-only rule, as the name suggests, is all about taking only ranged cards into battle. You can’t take any other card even if you wish. It just won’t be available.

But the ones conversant with ranged attackers would know they can’t be used in the first place. Then how do we take them to battle? The one monster in the first place won’t be able to attack, that's for sure. What do we do?

Well, that’s correct. But then with the new cards and packs, we now have monsters that can attack from the first position. So, there is hope. How about we see these monsters in action? Let’s do it.

But before that, shall we spend a minute getting to know Splinterlands? After all, that’s where you will find all these fun battles, rules, and monsters.

What Game is Splinterlands?

Splinterlands is a digital card game that allows you to collect, trade, battle, rent, and even earn from the cards. ***The game gives Play to Earn a whole different meaning.*** By now, you would know that the governance token (SPS) airdrop made millionaires out of the early adopters. It still keeps giving and remains a fun and engaging game.

To give you an idea of how lucky you can get in Splinterlands, read my story of getting cards worth $500 from buying only a few packs worth $20.

Got Cards Worth $500 from $20 Packs

And this is just a tiny number. I have witnessed people getting uber-expensive cards in their pack and selling them for as high as $6500. In fact, there is a whole Splinterlands marketplace on the Hive blockchain and now on Wax too. And now the sales of the Rebellion packs, the newest of the lot, have also started.

Any reason not to try it out? To join, scroll down quickly. 😊

Ranged Only Rule | Lack of Choice

This was one of my favorite rules when it came out first and I won battle after battle. It was just that I adapted quickly. There were few things that if done should mostly lead to victory. What are these?

***Get the Right Summoner***

Some summoners go both ways – they add attack for all friendly ranged attackers and those that reduce attack value for enemy monsters. So, get one of them to start with a benefit.

***Get the Right Monsters***

Now there are monsters that reduce the opponent’s attack values by one. There are also monsters with reverse attacks for ranged attacks. Use these. Also, at least a couple of ranged attack cards have the halving ability. That means, when these monsters attack they reduce the opponent’s attack value by half.

That’s not all. Some monsters can now attack from the first position. Some monsters can heal the tank. If we can get a combination of all these monsters then your battle is taken care of.

Let’s put this knowledge to use in our battle.

The Battle | Frowns and Angry Brows

A quick look at the rule, and let’s get on with the battle.

This was a 41-mana battle which meant we could take our heavy attackers into battle. Interestingly, this battle also had three rules in tandem. The first one was what we were looking for, the ranged attackers-only rule. So, only ranged attackers could be used.

It additionally had only even cards rule and the no-healing rule. That meant only monsters with even mana cost could be taken into battle and they could not be healed.

That was a tricky one. Or so I thought. How wrong I would be.

The Face-Off Screen

After all the build-up, this was a downer.

The opponent has just one monster. This battle will be over within one round. Anyway, let’s do what we have to do. Let’s take a look closely. The opponent’s team is at the bottom of the screen and mine is at the top. Both of us have gone with the Death Splinter and chosen a monster that reduces the attack value of all ranged attackers.

I already know I am going to win. But let’s see the next screen.

We Battle Hard

To be honest, we hardly battled. It all ended even before it started.

Like I said, even before the round ended, I was the victor. Notice how all my ranged monsters’ attack values are reduced by one. Also, one of the ranged monsters in my lineup gives shield and that’s how all my monsters got a couple of shields.

And The Battle Races to Conclusion

The battle already raced to its conclusion in the previous screen.

Well, a stronger opponent would have been fun. Anyway, I won! 😊

A Hard-Fought Battle | An Interesting Result

The battle was a let down but not the rule. I love this rule and have won most of the battles. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this battle. Didn’t I win? 😉

Anyway, I enjoyed the battle. I hope you enjoyed reading about the battle too. You can also look at it live in the link provided below. Have fun! 😊


Want to Join Splinterlands?

You can click below and follow the link. All the best!


Want to Watch the Battle I Spoke About?

Here it is:


**Image Courtesy:** Splinterlands Resources

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