Top God trees in the world

1 Feb 2023

There are many very old and magnificent trees in this world. They have gone through many centuries and have witnessed the rise and decline of countless civilizations. But they still stand in the wind and rain.

Angel Oak

On the small island of Johns in South Carolina, there is an 1500-year-old oak tree. Its lush canopy can cover an area of ​​17,200 square kilometers. This oak tree is one of the oldest living organisms east of the Mississippi River. The branch of this angel oak is 100 feet long, and the diameter of the trunk is 28 feet. It has survived many natural disasters in the past thousand years.

Olive trees that have lived for thousands of years

Do you believe that this olive tree between 3500 and 4000 years old still produces delicious olive fruit every year? I believe most people's answer is no, but in reality he is indeed able to bear delicious olive fruit. Scientists at the University of Crete have calculated that the root of this olive tree is at least 15 feet deep underground to find nutrients to maintain vitality. As many as 20,000 tourists visit Crete every year where this tree is located.

Dragon tree

Speaking of this magical plant, it is estimated that many friends have heard about it in magazines or TV. This magical dragon tree is found on Yemen’s island called Saukela. In addition, many animals and plants on the island are unique to the island. But the most famous plant among them is the dragon tree. The shape of this tree is like an open umbrella, because red juice (resin) will flow out of the trunk, so it is called the dragon tree by local residents. Local residents believe that this juice can cure all diseases, and local people also use this juice as a pigment in skin care products and pottery.

Dulu Tree

This tree is 116 feet tall. It grows in Oaxaca, Mexico, and is a species of Mexican cypress. The circumference of this tree is 119 feet.


There are 8 varieties of baobabs. There are six varieties on Madagascar, one in Australia and one in Africa.

Such trees generally have 500 years of life, and some can even reach 1200 years. Since this tree has no annual rings, it is not easy to determine the age of the tree.

Its trunk has the function of storing water, and the storage capacity can reach 120,000 liters.

During the dry season, its leaves will lose their light to reduce the evaporation of water and maintain life by the stored water, waiting for the next rainy season.

Tabukang Temple Tree

These trees are grown from the ruins of the Tabukang Temple in Cambodia, and are entwined with two trees, one large and one small.

The larger tree is the silk wool tree, and the smaller tree is the fig tree. Thousands of tourists come to visit them every year.


This tree grows very slowly, but the leaves can be evergreen for 40 years.

"Masala" is the name of this tree because it has a history of more than 4,800 years.

It grows in the National Forest in California. In order to protect this tree, the Forest Service never revealed the exact location of the tree.

Silk Cotton Tree

It is a unique plant in tropical and subtropical areas of South America.

Its trunks and branches are covered with sharp giant thorns, which are used to preserve moisture through the dry season.

Rainbow Eucalyptus

The rainbow tree is a huge evergreen tree 246 feet . The scientific name of the rainbow tree is "peeled eucalyptus" .

Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, or the Philippines are the hometowns of this tree.

There are striking stripes of yellow, green, pink, red, purple and orange on this trunk.

This distinctive color phenomenon is caused by the different sunshine after the bark has fallen off at different times. Different colors represent different ages of the bark.

Tree of Life

There are countless longevity clone trees in the world, but there has never been a tree that can survive in the desert center without any water for more than 400 years, except for the Mysterious tree in the Jebel Duhan region of Bahrain. He is regarded as a miracle of life in Bahrain, so it is also called "the tree of life".

If you use Google Maps to view this tree, you can see how bad the tree's living environment is.

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