Tips on NFT Marketing

18 Apr 2022

Let me share some tips on NFT marketing that I’ve observed and experienced in the space 👇🏻

► Use social media:

Even if social apps are #web2, we still need’em. People from all walks of life use social media, from stay-at-home parents to CEOs. Show your 🎯 audience how valuable your project is with the power of social media.

► Use #Discord for community building: DC is essential if you want to build and grow your community. You have to be active in DC, chat with your audience, answer their questions. This way, you can build a strong connection with your community. 🔨

► Use #contentmarketing: it will NEVER die, even if we dive into web4 or web5! It is the best possible way to tell your story and engage with your community in the most genuine way.

PS: Even if the NFT world seems all ✨ and fun, it is way harder to succeed since we are now stepping into #decentralization.Now, your WHOLE community members are the decision-makers, not solely you. Be genuine. Believe in your project and the people who support you.
And, work hard!

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Agreed with all the points, particularly with Discord! It is probably the de facto Web3 communication channel now!
Having celebrities promoting your NFT is also really important!
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