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30 Aug 2022

Concept imagination is really important for a creative, hence, there is need to constantly find motivation and resourceful energy for your work else you quickly become obsolete.

So few days back, $MNTL of  Assetmantle, got listed on the World's fastest growing cryptocurrency p2pb2b exchange with the exchange with $MNTL/ $USDT trading pair - https://p2pb2b.com/trade/MNTL_USDT/…
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Asset Mantle - a layer-1 blockchain for Metaverses, Games, Interchain NFTs, Decentralised Identities (DIDs), Tokenized Real Estate, Custom NFT storefronts & more!

AssetMantle is a multi-tenant NFT marketplace framework that enables creators and collectors to securely mint, own, and trade digital assets on its fast-finality blockchain. The AssetMantle no-code toolset enables creators to create customized assets and marketplaces in a permission-less manner. Collectors can own the assets minted across these marketplaces and compatible chains in a singular wallet that can be transacted with minimal gas and a lower carbon footprint.

Built on the interNFT standard, AssetMantle implements an end-to-end stack of open-source modular tools that developers can modify to fit advanced use cases. The objective of AssetMantle is to provide a platform that enables a diverse set of NFTs use cases that extend beyond arts and collectibles and can potentially change the representation of rights and ownership of real-world assets like real estate and other commodities. Mantle (MNTL) is the token for the AssetMantle ecosystem.

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A design concept is the big picture idea for the project. It shows the overall design intent and provides direction for everyone on the project team from the early schematic design phase all the way through construction. Having a unified and cohesive design concept makes all future decisions easier, also
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