Life goes on

10 Jan 2023

What they say about a mother's heart no longer being her own after giving birth is true.
When that child is gone, it skips, giddily crawls into her lap for a peck on the chin, but where does her heart go?
Is what they say about life going on true?

The time has passed 1,095 days, but the clock continues to chime.
The months make up three full years, or 36.
Does it make sense now that time has passed?
Can a loss be quantified in terms of time?
I look forward to the day when I can see my son once more.
Is what they say about life going on true?

I continue to breathe in and out, get up every day, work hard, and yes, even play.
I've been told numerous times that things will improve, but for those left behind, things will just grow "different" because neither time nor distance can heal all scars or sever all ties.
Can it really be true that life carries on?

I sense your firm hug in the wind and the air, as well as your kisses from butterflies that land on my face.
The twinkle in your eyes now shines in Eden, and I can see your grin and hear your laugh in the song lyrics.
Is it possible that life continues?

It's strange to consider that your heart is still beating inside a stranger that you and I will never get to know.
Does he realize that my lovely boy, who will never grow old, has given him a heart of gold?
It is true what they say that life goes on—so many lives have been saved by your own.

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