The Law of UX - 01

5 Sept 2022

The Aesthetic Usability Effect is the first law of UX ( User Experience ). This law is commonly applied in our daily experience with different websites, applications etc.

This law states that a user would appreciate a design that is aesthetically pleasing as more usable. Have you been in such a scenario? Yeah maybe.

We tend to appreciate pretty designs and we would definitely go back to using a website with nice gradients and colour combinations and we would definitely assume that it's the best.

Why do we perceive aesthetically pleasing designs as usable? Here are the reasons;

  • Such designs create a good impression on our brains and this has a way of affecting the judgement f a user and making Him/Her feel the design is more usable.
  • When a design is aesthetically pleasing, users tend to ignore minor usability issues, just because it has a pretty design.
  • A pretty website has a way of masking errors and appealing perfect.

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I'm a big fan of Aesthetics when it comes to designs of a website or an application. Didn't just realized it had a way to cloud my judgement
The beauty of a design is what makes it unique tho. Take a look at Bulb, with all the nice color combinations. Makes it easy to navigate through