What does it mean to 'work' in the Metaverse?

25 Jul 2022

(click to view the 3 minute video on Youtube)

If, I ‘met’ with my producer on an 1888 old London street to discuss set dressing and actor blocking, while I sat in Dubai wearing a VR headset and we spoke in our own voices the way gamers do, does it qualify as “work” in the Metaverse? More importantly; that a Metaverse (miniverse?) existed…even if for the duration of one project?

What if this miniverse seeded a more persistent, city scale, 1888 digital overlay of London -where one enters and explores, donning a VR headset…or, goes outdoors to experience it (albeit with elbow pain) holding up their cell-phones…
Even better, given a couple more years, we could don a pair of ARSpectacles, and perhaps have a choice to live in this alternate Victorian environment. Would it qualify as living (or working) in the Metaverse?
Would the ability to transport a “NeRFed” model of the Sphinx onto the small expanse of desert as I see from my window, on this particularly sand-stormy day -qualify as “learning in the metaverse” on how the pyramids are eroding, in-situ, in an immersive manner that no video lesson could ever accomplish…

Two thoughts emerge from these musings:

1) The immersive VR flavor of the Metaverse can be used as a spatial visualization and collaboration tool, dived into in it’s current incarnation for short periods of time, until improved iterations of visual aids come; and they will!… as recent Meta[Facebook] announcements have shown.

2) The ‘everyday Metaverse’; to satiate our primitive brain’s desire for visual authentication and human-to-human closeness, will be an XRMetaverse, experience via AR-spectacles…
…just as today I cannot compose an email without donning a visual aid – a pair of 18th century invented “eyewear” called spectacles that brings me clarity of vision to function in the metaverse we call, the Real World.

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really missing the ability to Embed a Youtube video in the post. Also tags - Metaverse, Filmmaking... Feature suggestions in this post https://open.bulbapp.io/p/0a0eff6a-97d0-4f6c-b493-e05d1515ad1d/bulb-ux-and-features-requests