Glad You're home

10 Feb 2023

We anticipated the news while anticipating the worst and hoping for the best.
The challenge life was about to put my family through will never be forgotten.

"Daddy has cancer," mum sobbed as she entered the room, leaving us without seeing him for a few days.

I wept myself to sleep that night because I couldn't sleep, and it was one of the worst nights of my life. I had never been to a funeral before, and I was afraid that this would be my first.

I visited Daddy after the procedure, and I don't mean to be harsh, but seeing him like this worried me. He resembled a skeleton with tubes for decorations.

I stepped up, gave Daddy a bear embrace, and handed him my homemade card, trying my absolute hardest not to cry.

It read, "Daddy." I'm hoping you feel better soon, but I'm confident everything will be fine
You can be afraid; we'll come and see you every day.

And when you go home, everything will be different—true—we it's won't ever argue.
Never give up, Daddy; keep battling.

I want to keep you forever.
Tears formed in his eyes as they moved across the page.

That was the first time I had ever witnessed my father crying.
Time passed fast as we sobbed together for what felt like an eternity.

I was afraid that it would be the last time I said "I love you," therefore I never wanted to stop.

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