The Believer in Christ

6 Mar 2023

Growing in salvation is growing in the knowledge of Christ. Your heart should be established on Grace not diverse or mixed doctrines. What is emphasized in scripture is a message on its own.

Devil was mentioned 12 times, In Mark 6 times, In Luke13 times, In John 10 times. Jesus mentioned Devil only 9 times in the four gospels. In Acts it was used only 2 times. Paul mentioned the Devil only times in his entire gospels. In Ephesians it was mentioned only 2 times. In 1st and 2nd Timothy 3 times, In Hebrews, Jude, James, John it was mentioned only once, in Revelation it was mentioned only 5 times. The word Devils was also mentioned similarly.

Satan in the entire 4 gospels was mentioned 14 times and Jesus used it 12 times.

Sin appeared 19 times in the 4 gospels and Jesus used it 15 times. In the OT it appeared 334 times and 89 times in the NT while 43 was mentioned in Romans.

Every time sin is mentioned in Romans its related to the work of Christ. 90% of the time it was used in direct relationship with what Jesus hath done. Sin is used for man's transgression in relationship with Jesus's grace. The word Sin or Sins used in the epistles is related to Jesus's sacrificial work. The NT records faith not Sin. The word Christ was used 620 times in the epistles.


Galatians 1:6, Hebrews 7:6; 11:5, a false gospel changes your identity. Another gospel is a gospel that doesn't disclose to you your true realities in Christ and it changes your identity. Etheros is the Greek word for another gospel implying another of the same.

Paul's warning in Galatians 1:8-9, 1 Corinthians 13:11; 4:15,
1. When you despise your teacher and his teachings you can't grow. Galatians 6:6, 2 Tim: othy 2:2.
Keywords: OT means Old Testament, NT means New Testament

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