Where did 300 years of our history disappear to?

17 Feb 2023

Where did 300 years of our history disappear to?

It is worth realizing that history has always been written by the victors. And sometimes even changed it.

For example, the written sources expressively depict huge Moorish cities, with cobbled streets and even street lamps, striking in splendor. But the amazing thing is that not a single stone remains of the magnificent Moorish palaces, and the surviving buildings are dated (by modern methods) at the earliest by 950.

And Germany?
There is almost no architecture of the period from 614 to 911, is it possible that for 300 years nothing has been built except a royal chapel?

Just, fictional events and mysterious facts...

And yet, what is it for?
It seems to me - it's a good way to fit other temporal events - into the same comb.
Mixing fiction and reality together.
Minoan bees

A unique artifact, the processing of which is difficult to explain with primitive tools.

Discovered in the early twentieth century during excavations carried out in the remains of a palace, which is located in a small town called Malia.

Archaeologists have determined the age of the find to be the approximate age of the palace itself, namely about 3,700 years old.

Looking at the pendant, there is only one thought - this is a modern piece of jewelry.

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