City of Temple

31 May 2022

Kathmandu is most popular city in Nepal due to being capital city of Nepal and a beautiful valley in heart of Nepal. The city has many historical building,temples etcs.There are numerous templesin this cuty and morethan 7 are listed in wilrld heritages.
The most famous temples are pashupatinath, swuambhunath ,budhanilkantha, dakshinkali , guyheswari and so on. These temples are supposed and believed to be a God Places of hinduism and ned after thems.
The temple names indicate the ancient , historical figures and historical writing , saying and slogans and ancient lifestyle of Nepalese kingdoms and cultures.The jou of being there is different and happy to see alots of statue of gods , goddess , historical painting ,arts and most amazing and old styles building and crafts.
The Temple are now under protection of government to enrich in tourism sector and many people came from India and other in occasion and festival and other foreigners at anytime.
The temple represent the mostly god places and their workshop will lead to bright sides of life. 

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