City Nights

12 Feb 2023

The city sleeps, the streets are still, The buildings tower, on the hill, The lights are low, the air is calm, As the night envelops, like a warm.
But in the heart of this urban place, A different rhythm, starts to pace, The sounds of music, fill the air, As people dance, without a care.
The neon lights, they pulse and shine, In colors bright, they intertwine, A kaleidoscope, of light and sound, As the city comes alive, all around.
And in this place, where dreams come true, People laugh, and people dance too, The night is young, the night is free, And anything is possible, just wait and see.
So let's embrace, this city night, And let the rhythm, fill our sight, For in this place, there's magic found, In the beating heart, of this bustling town.

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