When BULB Token LISTING? Please comment if you know

3 Jul 2022

Today I wanna talk to you all about a very serious situation i.e bulb token listing if anybody from the community knows about this answer please tell me in the comments so that everybody can know about that and have eager to do more on this platform

According to the officials, the bulb was going to list in June but the June month is already gone and there is no update regarding the bulb token if it's gonna list on CEX or DEX and so that  why was not looking for the opt  sdfsd I stint in that question right 

so if you know anything about listing you should  prefer commenting on  this post and be a part of the community so that we can earn together and live happiest life


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BULB Official
Hey @Guzzlord - It will be in 1H of 2023. As i'm sure you would agree, there is simply no point listing for the sake of listing, it has to be correctly timed with the platforms development and broader market factors to ensure success (this is important). Side note - the DEX listing had never planned for June, it's been delayed it ever so slightly from the original 4Q of 2022 to make sure the value of everyone's BULB Tokens are protected :)
From discord community , it's mentioned on 1H of 2023 not 2022 and ranges of listing will be arounds 0.02-0.03 per tokens and rest price movement will depends on us.