17 Feb 2023

Art is the expression of one’s views and feelings, which may take many forms like dance, music, painting, literature, or theatre. By seeing the art of a particular country, we can easily understand its inherent culture. Thus, it is right to say that art and culture play a great role in the growth of a country. When people share common beliefs, attitudes and values, it becomes the culture of that nation, which artists try to capture and manifest through their art.

India is a country that is rich in culture and art. With many communities coexisting with each other, one can witness diverse cultures, languages and beliefs in the country. The essay on Indian art and culture will be useful for students to familiarise themselves with the distinct features of India’s unique culture and art.

India’s Art and Culture
Just like there are many beautiful flowers in different shapes and colours in a garden, India also has such variety in art and culture. Although people in India follow different cultures, all of them live together in harmony, and this is what sets India apart from other countries. Each state in the country has a distinct culture or tradition, which is passed down to them by their ancestors. We will go through the diversity of India through this art and culture essay.

Indian culture is rooted in the religion the country follows. While Hinduism and Buddhism are ancient beliefs, which still has a strong presence, Christianity and Islam are the most recent ones. Besides, the language also varies from state to state. Though Hindi is considered the national language of the country, there exist many local languages like Tamil, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam etc. Despite these differences, the people of India live in unity and peace as they respect and love each other.

As people are free to follow their religion, they celebrate different festivals based on their beliefs. Christmas, Sivarathri, and Ramzan are some of the important festivals celebrated all over the country. Even though each festival denotes different religious beliefs, they are celebrated by all, which strengthens the integrity of the nation. Indian clothing is another important factor that defines the country’s culture. The style of clothing differs according to the geographical place they live in, and yet, they contribute to the culture of the country.

Art is closely related to the culture of a country as they speak about the rich heritage of the nation. Indian art has many forms to which many notable personalities have contributed. If we are familiar with the works of Raja Ravi Varma or Rabindranath Tagore, it reveals that they have been successful in portraying Indian culture through their art. Being one of the oldest cultures, India’s culture reminds us of the virtues of unity and integrity in this essay on Indian art and culture. Let us also teach our children more about our nation through these interesting sets of GK questions.

Importance of Art and Culture
Art and culture is the identity of a nation, which helps us to better understand the world around us. As it brings people together, it offers us the opportunity to learn from each other and understand how there is unity even in diversity. Moreover, art and culture have the upper hand in building the country as they preserve our heritage and creativity. Indian art and culture are what keep us binding together, and we are proud of it.

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