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13 Oct 2023

What is Intraday Trading:
When a Trader Buy and sell stock on the same Trading Day Then it called Intraday Trading or Day Trading. In this type of trading stock are Purchased not invest, but to earn profit by harnessing the movement of Stock Prices. Thus, the fluctuation in stock price is a monitor to earn profit from the trading stock.
An online training Account is open for Intraday Trading. While doing Intraday Trading you need to know that the Orders are specific for Intraday Trading. Intraday order is Squared Off 15 minutes before (on 03:15 pm) the end of the trading day.

Tips For Intraday Trading:

Intraday Trading is much riskier than Delivery Trading or Regular Trading. It is Important For the Beginnings to understand the basic tips of Intraday Trading to afford losses. I advise you to invest only in the amount that you can afford to Lose. 

Intraday Trading is Big Subject that I can't Cover On a single post. I will write about Intraday Trading in detail on my future posts.

Indicators For Intraday Trading:

When a trader trades on Intraday they always want to book profit from it. When it comes to booking profit on Intraday traders need to do a lot more research and also they need to follow some indicators. However, Indicators are not entirely accurate. Intraday indicators are a beneficial tool for maximizing return if it Used with Strategy. Some Intraday indicators are:

  • Moving Average.
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Momentum Oscillator
  • Relative Strength Index (RSI)

There are more Indicators that Traders use to trade in Intraday. I will cover them on my future posts.

How to Make Profit In Intraday Trading:
Intraday Traders are always facing the risk that exists in the market. Stock daily Volume and Price volatility are some factors that play an important role in the stock Which are picked for daily Trading. I advise you not to take the risk over 2% of your total Total capital in a single Trade (for example: if you trade for ₹10,000 then take Risk of ₹200) to get higher Profit and Lower Risk.

Time Analysis In Intraday Trading:
In Intraday Trading daily chart is the most commonly used chart that shows the price movement of the stock on the one-day interval. This chart is popular for the Intraday Trading technique and it helps to understand the movement of price between market opening and closing hours of the daily trading session. There are several methods of using an Intraday chart that we will discuss in our upcoming Post.

Choose Right Stock For Intraday:

To become a successful Day Trader, it is important to understand how to choose Right Stock For Intraday Trading. The majority of people are failed to make a profit because they fail to select the right stock during the day. Selecting the right stock is an art that you learn during your trading Experiences. Here are some tips for choosing the right stocks:

  • Always trade on a Liquid Stocks
  • Stay away from volatile stocks
  • Trade-In a correlation Stocks
  • Always Follow the Trend for Trading
  • Do proper research after picking a stock

Where To Trade Intraday:
You can do Intraday Trading through Discount Broker app or website. There are many Discount Broker available on the internet who gives you up to 40X Leverage on Intraday Trading.

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