Mysterious Of Universe ?

29 Jul 2022

Many people believe that the same things exist outside our Observable Universe as those in our Universe! Many people also believe in Parallel Universe Theory!
 There is no doubt that space is full of unsolved riddles. Humans have only reached the Moon so far and only one of our probes has been successful in going out of the Solar System. So far, whatever our scientists have been able to find out about space, it is only with the help of these probes and telescopes, but space is still full of countless unresolved wonders which our scientists have not been able to solve yet and today we will tell you about space. Let us tell you about some of these unsolved riddles. Black holes are also called swamps of space. They are formed when a star collapses in itself and the gravity in it is so high that it can bend the direction of light. We know how a black hole works, but the mystery is that no one has seen it yet. Scientists can guess with the help of electromagnetic radiation, light or X-rays, but what it will actually look like, it remains a mystery

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