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20 Aug 2022

Power Of Brain:

You will be surprised to know that how much power is in your mind and what can be done with your mind? Today try to understand your mind..
It is often heard that we use the brain very little and if the brain is used more then the memory can be very high. A lot of research has been done on the brain so far and in many research the same thing comes to the fore that we use very little or only a small part of our brain. By the way, our mental capacity is very high and we use it very little.
Now the work of brainstorming has reduced even more, because we have started relying on machines for most things. In normal routine, people use more phone than brain and use some electronic item to store data. But, your brain can also do all these things, there is so much power in the brain that it can do the same work as a computer. In such a situation, do you know how powerful the brain is?

How powerful is the brain?

The brain is said to be the most powerful computer in the world. The reason why the brain is so powerful is that there are more than 10 billion neurons in the brain and their connections are many times greater, which exchange information. These neurons act as stations for signals. The brain weighing one and a half kilograms is so powerful that more than half the nutrients received by the body are used by the brain itself.
The special thing is that by the time you are 40 years old, it keeps on developing. Also, it is considered the most fatty part of the body. More than 70 thousand thoughts come in the mind in a day and most of them are negative. By the way, using 10 percent part does not mean that your 10 percent works, although every part of the brain works and it is also necessary, but we can store a lot in the brain. If we talk about memory, then 2.5 million gigabytes of data can be saved in the brain.

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If you live in excess stress, anxiety, depression, then it has a negative effect on the mind. Due to this the brain feels tired and does not do its work properly. In such a situation, you are not able to concentrate on any work, you are not able to focus. Due to chronic depression, you also start forgetting things.
Everything that has existed in the world today has been a product of the brains of some great minds out there, that is to show Us how much we can achieve with our brains. The brain is one of the part of the human body that does just 0.015% of its actually capacity in the lifetime of an average adult
The brain of men is slightly larger in size than the brain of women. This does not mean that men's brains run faster or better than women. It's just a matter of size. Also in a research it was revealed that the exchange of information in the left and right side of the brain of women is slightly higher. Rather, the exchange of information between the front and back part of the brain of men is more. This suggests that women are more sensitive and men tend to have a tendency toward location.
However, some parts of the brain have physiological differences based on gender, and because of their size differences, there is a difference in behavior between men and women. On the other hand, if we look at the basis of memory etc., it has been revealed in many research that there is no difference between the mind of men and women. Also, there are more similarities in the minds of men and women.