Best players from the 90s

7 Aug 2022

The 90s had some of he biggest names in NBA history here are the top 5 best players from the 90s

Number 5 is Charles Barkley he played for the suns and is among those few players who won and MVP but not a championship, he was great scorer and carried his team.

Number 4 is David Robinson he played for the San Antonio Spurs and won two championships he averaged 3 blocks 10 rebounds and 21 points over his whole career.

Number 3 is Scottie Pippin Michael Jordan’s Number 1 Team mate he won 6 rings with the Chicago bulls and is a under rated player.

Number 2 is Shaquille O’Neal he was the most dominant player to ever live no one could stop him he won 4 championships and is a top 10 player ever no doubt. 

Number 1 is the goat himself Michael Jordan he won 6 championships and 5 mvps he was one of the best scorers and a great defender as well. 

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south coast surfer
Now this is a list I totally agree with 100%.
It’s very unusual that you see two of the best players in the one team. one of the best players of all time, Michael Jordan and a teammate scottie Pippen in a top 5. Some great players in the 90’s