The Key Traits for Success: IQ, Logic, and EQ

11 Sept 2023

What do you think are the prerequisites for a successful person?

Generally speaking, individuals who want to be successful must have the following two characteristics, one is a superb IQ, and the other is a complete logical ability.

Possessing complete logical ability can help individuals deal with problems more smoothly and think more thoughtfully.

Possessing a high IQ is a prerequisite for having a complete thinking ability. Usually, people with a higher IQ have stronger logical thinking ability.

In addition to IQ and logical thinking ability, EQ is now also included as one of the conditions for judging whether a person can succeed.

An individual's IQ and thinking ability usually depend on genetic inheritance, that is, innate conditions.

But emotional intelligence is different. EQ is more affected by social environment, living environment, personal living habits, personal emotional life and other aspects.

In addition, the level of individual EQ can also directly reflect whether the person can be recognized by others in the group.

IQ, thinking ability, and EQ are all the keys to a person's success.

As the saying goes: All the people in the world are ordinary and pathetic, and no wise man is thinking seriously about life. "

Those who possess great wisdom are already clear about the objective existence in society and the benefits and losses of interpersonal communication.

They will not be affected by external things, let alone lose their way because of certain problems.

In real life, those people with truly high IQs will not show their intelligence and talents to the fullest, as in film and television dramas.

Not to mention feeling superior to others because of your high IQ.

They will even actively hide their true strength so that they can blend in with most people and are unwilling to show their true thoughts.

This kind of people is usually a blockbuster before they make a name for themselves. They can look at and solve all problems rationally and objectively.

These people are what we call people with great wisdom, and their number in society is very small.

Psychologists believe that people who really have great wisdom usually have the following six characteristics.

1. Maintain enthusiasm for learning

Maintaining enthusiasm for learning actually means maintaining curiosity about society and maintaining a desire for new things.

They can continuously learn new knowledge and improve their abilities in all aspects. It is precisely because they have a clear understanding of themselves that they can clearly understand where they are lacking and understand the importance of learning.

For this type of people, they uphold the attitude of living and learning.

The so-called learning actually has nothing to do with academic qualifications or even books. Learning can be knowledge learning.

It can also be skills learning. Many people have wrong understandings of learning.

They believe that only the study of book knowledge can be regarded as learning, so they will give up the opportunity to learn all kinds of new things and become stagnant.

People with high IQs can always understand what they need, know what life goals they are pursuing, and can continue to work hard for them.

2. Enjoy solitude

People with great wisdom usually enjoy solitude and can enjoy time alone. They can use the time alone to reflect on themselves and constantly find strength from within.

Because of this, many people with high IQs will show an introverted personality tendency.

Not willing to participate in too many social situations or interact with too many people.

3. Reticent and good at listening

Say more and make more mistakes, say less and make mistakes less. People with really high IQs neither like to comment on others, nor do they like to make any remarks at will. Their speeches are usually well thought out.

At the same time, they are the best listeners. They can not only help others keep their secrets, but also give them help in a timely manner. They are good candidates to confide in their hearts.

4. Be skeptical

Because they are always curious about new things, they always maintain a skeptical attitude towards everything.

Especially when they are exposed to unknown areas, they will become very wary.

As we all know, time will make people insensitive, time will make people stop, and time will make people get used to looking at objective things with their own thinking.

And they understand that remaining skeptical is the best way to treat objective things.

5. Have a clear understanding of yourself

Everyone should have a clear understanding of their social position and abilities.

The so-called three hundred and sixty lines to become the champion, the premise is that you have enough understanding of yourself, so that you can know which industry you are suitable to shine in.

People with really high IQs usually have a very clear understanding of themselves, understand their precise positioning in society, and can find their foothold as quickly as possible.

6. Love life

As the pace of social life is getting faster and faster, many people have lost their love for life, but no matter how they love life, cherishing life can make a person's life more meaningful.
Only in this way can people pursue their life goals.

No matter how external things change, keep a heart that loves yourself.

Maintaining an attitude of loving life is the true manifestation of high IQ.

Once you let yourself fall into a painful predicament, and even want to use extreme methods to solve the problem, then everything in life will lose its original meaning.

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Success is never a straight line as it has a lot of crooked measures to make it
An Ok article but I feel success can not be quantify by the measures no more as I have seen the dumbest people become successful
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I'm glad you mentioned the importance of EQ. It's often said that IQ gets you hired, but EQ gets you promoted. I think that's a very accurate statement
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