How Launchpads can Benefit Investors

9 Oct 2022

A crypto launchpad often has advantages for companies and investors. Startups have the opportunity to present their projects to potential investors from around the world and persuade them to invest. The vetting system would be the only obstacle to admittance; but, if they lack it, there shouldn't be any issues. Launchpads, on the other hand, are helpful to investors because they present a variety of initiatives on a single platform. Additionally, they will receive early access to projects as a launchpad member, which entitles them to a lower token price than others.

Additionally, a safer ecosystem is provided by the fact that all of the projects featured in the launchpads have been vetted. Investors need not fret excessively about financial loss or falling for con artists. Advanced crypto platforms also guard against the risk of scams or frauds in which startup founders steal investors' money and vanish without a trace. A further incentive for investors to investigate launchpads, aside from early access to projects, is the potential for the native token to appreciate in value.

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