10 Jan 2023

Once in a red moon or as constant as the sun rises, an acquaintance, a friend, or a colleague becomes estranged, becomes a stranger. The bonds that held us together begin to wither. The connections we had faded like the mist amid a sunrise. The memories we shared will become obsolete or at least insignificant, a distant memory that will require intense mental stimulation to recall.

The comically ironic piece of this bizarre stream titled 'time' is the fact that these distances, the separations, and divisions might not even be caused by an actual reason. We simply just begin to drift apart, we begin to want different things, our interests become repulsive to themselves, the jokes we laughed at no longer amused us, and the pranks we pulled on each other just became annoying.

No force suddenly broke us apart like a ship slamming into a rock with its side. We simply just moved with the calm waves that shifted us from each other... And now, we are strangers, unknown to one another, our lives void of each other's presence. Time... Time is an effortless fighter, who wins battles by simply, waiting. It has won this bout.

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